Brenda, Todd, and Madison
Brenda, Todd, and Madison

Together, we have raised nearly $25,000 for the

Michigan Parkinson Foundation

...assisting families
impacted by Parkinson's 
here in Michigan.


Thank you for all of the positive comments about our
2014 Making the Turn golf outing!

“This outing is so well-done, from the organization to the great prizes to the location to the overall fun… a summer-time favorite indeed (and I play in about a dozen outings each season).”
“Your family and close friends are so supportive and engaging and just great people to be around, Todd.”

“The best-run and most-fun golf outing of the season! “

“Very nicely done, wonderful group of persons and staff “
“I have played in many outings and this one is as organized as any I've ever played in. On top of that, the quality of the prizes and the assistance from the volunteers was incredible.“

“Golfer friendly event with fundraising for a cause that somehow affects all of us.”

“What a great cause! Such a great day and ran very well. You do an excellent job, down to every last detail. Can't wait for next year! “

“Everything was done with a touch of class. The USGA should be envious.”

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