About Us

Turning a passion for golf                
         into awareness of Parkinson's.

Nick Hearn, Madison, Brenda, and Todd Gardner
Nick Hearn, Madison, Brenda, and Todd Gardner
About Us
Todd was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson's disease in 2004 at the age of 41. With the help of his doctors and advancements in medication, he is still able to pursue his passion in life...golf! 

His love of golf and a desire to make something positive out of the situation, gave Todd the sense of purpose to organize an annual golf outing to raise awareness and funding for the fight against Parkinson's disease.

With help from his wife Brenda, daughter Madison, mother Karen, father Tom, and many friends and family members, what began as simply a golf outing to raise funds for Parkinson's related organizations, has evolved into the non-profit organization, Making the Turn Against Parkinson's.

Making the Turn is the founder, sponsor, and provider of funding for programs making a difference in the lives of those impacted by Parkinson's through...

Exercise, Education, and Empathy

A Message From Todd  
On a warm summer morning during one of my usual early Saturday morning rounds of golf at the Brookshire, I took an extra moment on the tee box, allowing all of my senses
Picture Perfect Morning on the Brookshire G.C.
Picture Perfect Morning on the Brookshire G.C.
to take in the picture perfect morning. Without warning, tears began streaming down my face.  Although I had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s six years earlier, it wasn’t until this perfect moment in time that I was overcome with the reality that I have an incurable progressive disease which will someday likely rob me of moments like this and take away my ability to play the game that I love so much.  This was the inspiration for the golf outing you
know today.

With help from Brenda, Madison, my Mom, my Dad, and many others along the way, our golf outing has grown into something far beyond anything I ever could have imagined.  It has given me something positive on which to focus my time and energy.  It has resulted in the formation of Making the Turn Against Parkinson’s and helped me find a voice I never knew I had.  It has granted me peace of mind knowing I have a connection to golf despite what the future may hold for me.  But most importantly, it has provided me the opportunity to make many new friends and meet a lifetime of interesting people I wouldn’t have otherwise.

So to those of you that have played or volunteered at our golf outing, made a cash donation or donated a prize, became a sponsor or offered your support in some other way, I can never thank you enough for rescuing me from the reality of that sad day on the golf course.   Today, I feel no sadness.  That has long since been replaced by your support and friendship.  To quote my own personal motto, “I cannot say being diagnosed with Parkinson’s has been a good thing.  But I can say, good things have happened to me because I have Parkinson’s.” 

See you on the course!

Todd Gardner